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          You are here: Motorsense Ltd Home

          Welcome to Motorsense Ltd

          Motorsense Limited was founded in 1979 in the United Kingdom and is located in London. Since its inception, Motorsense has grown to become a trusted name in supplying auto components to OEM and their first tier suppliers.

          The automotive supply chain is growing increasingly complex due to geographically diverse sourcing arrangements and higher levels of vehicle technology. Our 39 years in the logistics market has given us a wealth of experience to enable us to provide tailored logistics solutions.

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          Countries we operate in

          • United Kingdom
          • Taiwan
          • Belgium
          • Sweden
          • Brazil
          • China
          • Italy
          • Turkey
          • Korea

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          Motorsense advantages

          • Reduce Expenses
          • Improved Visibility
          • Reporting and Analysis
          • Exceptional Resources

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          Some of our clients

          • Caterpillar
          • Cummins Engine Co.
          • Dana Spicer
          • Ford Motor Co.
          • Iveco
          • Jaguar
          • Land Rover
          • Volvo

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