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          Clients Testimonials

          Cummins Ltd

          “Motorsense (Motsen) have supplied Cummins for some 14 years, providing efficient, professional service which has greatly assisted our efforts to establish and maintain a World Class Supply Base.”

          Jeff Hogg
          Sourcing Manager


          Working across the complete range of supply chain and logistics operations, we function solely to add value and subtract costs.

          Today, more and more leading-edge companies are focusing on their primary competencies and using third-party logistics resources to manage non-core functions. At Motorsense we embody this concept by giving businesses with large-scale logistics challenges, the ability to outsource their supply chain management to our experts, freeing them to focus on what they do best.

          We provide a comprehensive range of logistics services. Our vision, insights and imagination drive every logistics design and, in turn, yield the best possible results for our customers.

          As one provider managing your supply chain, Motorsense can enhance and improve:

          • Customer service
          • Operational efficiencies
          • Asset utilisation
          • Operational processes
          Truck Crankshaft Road