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          Clients Testimonials

          Ford Motor Co.

          “From a perspective of supply we find your company very proactive, totally Ford committed and responsibly handling our business with thorough dedicated efficiency---your facility is regarded as an extension of Ford Supply.

          Tom Manly
          SCM Manager, PTO OPS

          Cummins Ltd

          “Motorsense (Motsen) have supplied Cummins for some 14 years, providing efficient, professional service which has greatly assisted our efforts to establish and maintain a World Class Supply Base.”

          Jeff Hogg
          Sourcing Manager

          Motorsense Advantages

          Motorsense manages your complex supply chain requirements thereby enabling you to focus on your core competencies rather than being tied down with day-to-day operational uncertainty. In addition to saving time our partnership reduces expensive processes and the need for costly buffer inventories.

          We have the experience, expertise and excellence in providing value-added services that complement your basic logistic operations and ensure that we become an integral part of your supply chain.

          We will provide services that fall outside of receiving freight or shipping orders including the following:

          Reduce Expenses

          • Pick / Pack
          • Packaging and Re-Packaging
          • Inventory Management
          • Delivery to Assembly Lines

          Improved Visibility

          • Web Based Tools
          • Inbound / Outbound Alerts
          • Customer Service Response Time

          Reporting and Analysis

          • Weekly Broadcasts
          • Monthly Benchmarks
          • Ad Hoc Reporting

          Superior Resources

          • Professional Logistics Team
          • Sub-Assembly
          • Product Returns (Reverse logistics)
          • Light Assembly
          • Packaging Services
          • Labelling