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          Clients Testimonials

          Ford Motor Co.

          “From a perspective of supply we find your company very proactive, totally Ford committed and responsibly handling our business with thorough dedicated efficiency---your facility is regarded as an extension of Ford Supply.

          Tom Manly
          SCM Manager, PTO OPS

          Cummins Ltd

          “Motorsense (Motsen) have supplied Cummins for some 14 years, providing efficient, professional service which has greatly assisted our efforts to establish and maintain a World Class Supply Base.”

          Jeff Hogg
          Sourcing Manager

          Our Products

          We source a wide range of products that includes but is not limited to the following

          Diesel Engine Components

          • Forged connecting rods
          • Crankshafts
          • Rocker arm
          • Exhaust Manifolds
          • Lube oil filter heads
          • Cylinder head covers
          • Intake manifold covers
          • Bearing Caps
          • Cradler Bracket
          • Induction Manifold
          • Flywheels
          • Engine Brackets
          • Vibration Dampers
          • Bracket Alternator
          • Bracket PAS Pump
          • Housing Assy.
          • Plate Assy.
          • Pump Bracket Assy.
          • Cooler Assemblies
          • Tubes
          • Ancillary Bracket Assy.
          • Alternator Bracket Assy.
          • Bracket Engine Mountings
          • Idler Bracket Assy.
          • Hoses
          • Pulleys
          • Diesel Bracket
          • Piston and Pin Assemblies.
          • Leaf Springs
          • Water Inlets and Outlets
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