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          Ford Motor Company, UK

          “From a perspective of supply we find your company very proactive, totally Ford committed and responsibly handling our business with thorough dedicated efficiency---your facility is regarded as an extension of Ford Supply.

          Tom Manly
          SCM Manager, PTO OPS

          Cummins Ltd, UK

          “Motorsense (Motsen) have supplied Cummins for some 14 years, providing efficient, professional service which has greatly assisted our efforts to establish and maintain a World Class Supply Base.

          Motsen are always willing to assist with supplier management and have extremely robust processes for handling incoming quality. Their knowledge and management of the intricacies of global sourcing help remove many obstacles.

          Offer excellent schedule / EDI Management supplying clear, concise pipeline updates and confront any non-compliance.

          Motorsense have been a good servant to Darlington Engine Plant.”

          Jeff Hogg
          Sourcing Manager